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P L E A S E   B E   A W A R E   T H A T    S I N C E   I   W I L L    ONLY   B E   T A K I N G   A   L I M I T E D   N U M B E R   O F   S E M I   C U S T O M   H A N D L E T T E R E D   A N D P R E M A D E   L O G O   D E S I G N   P R O J E C T S   P E R   M O N T H    T O   P U R C H A S E   T H I S   S E M I-C U S T O M   M O D E R N   C A L L I G R A P H Y    L O G O    O R I N Q U I R E   A B O U T     A V A I L A B I L I T Y    T O   P U R C H A S E   I T  ,  PLEASE EMAIL   M E    A T     INFO@OHSNAPBOUTIQUE.COM     A N D    P U T    “MODERN CALLIGRAPHY  LOGO”   I N   T H E     S U B J E C T.

Please read the information carefully if you are interested in purchasing this logo.

This listing is for SEMI – Custom Modern Calligraphy Logo which means that the logo / your business name will be digitally handlettered in the style/-s shown in the previews. This is not a font and due to the hand-lettered nature and your name, letters and the style may vary slightly , but will be unique for you 🙂

After receipt of your Business Name Information and Payment , 2 proofs of the logo will be emailed to you within 1-2 weeks . Within this price one revision is allowed . Each additional revision after that will cost $20.

Final logo will be delivered to you as  300 dpi high resolution , PNG Files in both Black and White via wetransfer.com email . Names of the font/-s used for the tagline will be also provided.



  • This listing is for  digital files ONLY.
  • Cancellation – you can cancel this lisiting ONLY within 24 hours from the time of the payment to get a full refund. After that time frame  I start working on the logo and therefore cancellation  is NOT ACCEPTED  and NO REFUNDS will be given .


Font files used for the tagline are not included and the names of the font and where to download will be provided.

Preview backgrounds used is for display only – logos will come with white and transparent backgrounds.