Lacey Morgan IG Story Templates Canva


Product Description

If you’re a photographer struggling to give your brand a cohesive and streamlined look on social media, these Canva templates are just what you need. Made especially for Instagram stories, they’ll help you keep a consistent and professional vibe across all your posts. Your brand will stand out and grab your audience’s attention instantly. Plus, these templates are super easy to customize too 🙂

There are 32 instagram story canva only templates in total, they cover :

  • sneak peek templates
  • session availability templates
  • new post templates
  • gallery delivered templates
  • fall/spring mini session templates
  • session editing queue
  • reminder/ little update template
  • meet photographer / the experience / artwork design


ll of my templates come with PRO PHOTOGRAPHER LICENCE which means you are allowed to use my designs in your photoraphy business ONLY as an add-on products to your sessions you sell to your exisiting clients only in the flattened printed form. Making profit from my designs other then the one stated above IS PROHIBITED! You are not allowed to sell them to third party clients , you are not allowed to use my designs or parts of it to create other designs/templates you sell in shops or other venues in digital form or printed form. No blog or website designs for sale. I do not offer commercial license for the aforementioned use. Thank you for respecting my terms of use

Gorgeous photos courtesy of  Julie Sheriff Photography and  Andrea Krey Photography