Tangible Products IG Reel Template Canva


Product Description

Introducing our Reel Template, a stunning design crafted specifically for photographers who understand the value of preserving memories through tangible products like albums, prints, and wall art. This customizable Canva template is the perfect tool to help you beautifully showcase your photography services and the importance of turning moments into cherished keepsakes.

Emphasize the value of tangible products by showcasing your photo albums, prints, and wall art. Let your potential clients visualize how your work can adorn their homes and tell their unique stories.

Our Canva template is fully customizable, allowing you to tailor it to your branding and aesthetics. You can adjust colors, fonts, and layouts to make it uniquely yours.


  • Canva Reel Template ( that you can download after customizations as either reel-MP4 file or single PNG files and use in your instagram stories )


All of my templates come with PRO PHOTOGRAPHER LICENCE which means you are allowed to use my designs in your photoraphy business ONLY as an add-on products to your sessions you sell to your exisiting clients only in the flattened printed form. Making profit from my designs other then the one stated above IS PROHIBITED! You are not allowed to sell them to third party clients , you are not allowed to use my designs or parts of it to create other designs/templates you sell in shops or other venues in digital form or printed form. No blog or website designs for sale. I do not offer commercial license for the aforementioned use. Thank you for respecting my terms of use.οΎ 

Gorgeous photos courtesy of Andrea Krey Photography