Quincy Rose Watercolor Clipart Alphabet + BONUS FONT!


Product Description

Quincy Rose is a handpainted watercolor clipart alphabet (uppercase letters only)and comes with a BONUS Quincy Rose Font 🙂

The clipart is saved as one PSD file with each letter on a separate layer /folder  and one PNG file with all the letters.


Quincy Rose Font – whimsy regular uppercase (A-Z) and  lowercase (a-z) handwritten font + extra dingbat calligraphy wordarts such as : the, and , to , for , from, with , this ( this is not a script font).

The font comes as an .otf format.

Once the Quincy Rose font is installed the extra dingbats can be found under these punctuation /marks :

% and  , ^ to , * from , = with , < for, > this , – the


To download the font on your computer please check those thrid part tutorials :

for Mac : Install Fonts

for Windows : Install Fonts


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