Soft Watercolors Pricing and Information Magazine


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Product Description

Soft Watercolors Product & Information Magazine is a an introduction guide into your Wedding /Elopement Wedding Photography Studio.

It includes the Welcome page, what to expect pages, information and prices on the sessions you offer etc.ᅠFilled with watecolor brushed accents , wordarts, quotes and a watercolor map it’s a must have for any Wedding Photographer as well any Elopement/ Intimate Wedding Photographer.

It will work its magic as a marketing tool .ᅠ

Can be used either as a professional online magazine, converted into a pdf file or you can simply print it .ᅠ

*** Please be aware that the brushed calligraphy script is a wordart and therefore cannot be altered/edited.ᅠ

– 26 fully designed pages, including FRONT and Back Coversᅠ
– it comes as 8,5×11 spreadsᅠ
– Fully layerd and editable files except for the handbrushed wordarts . Photoshop or Elements required.ᅠ
– name of the fonts included.ᅠ
– Photo clipping mask .ᅠ

– Please be aware that the Guide text in most sections is a LOREM IPSUM text so all the information will need to be written by you.

All of my templates come with PRO PHOTOGRAPHER LICENCE which means you are allowed to use my designs in your photoraphy business ONLY as an add-on products to your sessions you sell to your exisiting clients only in the flattened printed form. Making profit from my designs other then the one stated above IS PROHIBITED! You are not allowed to sell them to third party clients , you are not allowed to use my designs or parts of it to create other designs/templates you sell in shops or other venues in digital form or printed form. No blog or website designs for sale. I do not offer commercial license for the aforementioned use. Thank you for respecting my terms of use.ᅠ

Gorgeous photos courtesy of Dawn Photography.